Solar Power Energy and Greenhouse    



علم در کنار ادب و فرهنگ رشد و پیشرفت می کند


 Off-grid solar energy systems convert sunlight into electricity without connecting to local utility grids.

They are ideal for areas without public grid access. In some cases, off-grid solar energy systems include storage solutions such as batteries or flywheel energy storage, which allow excess electricity to be saved for future use. The main components of off-grid systems include solar panels, con-inverters, and batteries.

Perpunico Solar provides complete off-grid solar energy solutions that include solar panels, inverters, batteries, and racking.

An off-grid solar energy system can be used as a mobile or back-up power supply for homes, medical clinics, telecommunications stations, meteorological stations, and forest fire stations, especially those located in areas without public utility grids, such as a remote islands and mountainous regions. In these cases, off-grid solar energy systems replace conventional power generation solutions such as a diesel generators. 

Solar Module Perspunico

Module Characteristics 
•  High efficiency crystalline silicon cells
•  High transmission low iron tempered glass, strong mechanical resistance

•  Standard waterproof junction box, with bypass diode
•  High endurance to different atrocious weather
•  Custom designed modules according to clients' requirement
•  10-year quality guarantee and 10 - 25-year power output guarantee

Solar Cell Characteristics


•  High efficiency and stable performance in photovoltaic conversion.
•  Advanced diffusion technique ensuring the homogeneity of energy conversion efficiency of the cell.
•  Advanced PECVD film forming, providing a dark blue silicon nitride anti-reflection film of homogenous color and attractive
•  High quality metal paste for back surface and electrode, ensuring good conductivity, high pulling strength and ease of soldering.
•  High precision patterning using screen printing, ensuring accurate busbar location for ease with automatic soldering a laser cutting.



The primary challenge with greenhouse growing is stabilizing these temperature swings. Conventionally, people do this by blasting energy via heating or cooling systems into the greenhouse. But the smarter, more sustainable way of creating a stable greenhouse environment is to harness the excess solar energy coming in during the day, store it and use it at night. Or, if working with an existing greenhouse, to add an efficient heater that uses cheap and renewable fuels. These strategies all take understanding and research, and have some upfront cost, but the pay-back in terms of added growing and long-term savings is well worth it.







:پرسپونیکو در زمینه های زیر فعال است



·        انواع باطري ها



·        اینورترها 



·        شارژكنترل ها



·        سازه هاي گلخانه ها



·        سيستم هاي گرمايشي و تهويه در گلخانه



·         اجراي پروژه هاي انرژي خورشيدي



·        اجراي پروژه هاي گلخانه اي












گروه ما، با داشتن تجربیات ارزشمند کسب ‌شده در پی فعالیت در کشورهای اروپایی صاحب‌ سبک در صنعت گلخانه‌ها،  گلخانه‌های تزیینی و انرژی خورشیدی، افتخار دارد 



در تمام مراحل از ساخت سازه تا برداشت محصول  یاری‌گر شما باشد



گروه پرسپونیکو در پی بررسی شرایط موجود در کشور ایران ,روسيه,تركيه افغانستان، تاجيكستان و ارمنستان و افريقاي جنوبي آماده ی فعالیت  در 



.زمینه ی باتری، انرژی خورشیدی و گلخانه در همه ی استانهاو كشور هاست














براي اطلاعات بيشتر و همكاري دو جانبه در پروژه های انرژي خورشيدي  و گلخانه با ما تماس برقرار كنيد  




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